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  • Balance Hormones
  • Protect Heart Health
  • Reduce Joint pain
  • Reduce Headaches
  • Improve Blood Pressure
  • Fight Cancer
  • Help Burn Fat
  • Boost Nutrient Absorption
  • Help grow black hair
  • High Source of Cholesterol-Lowering Phytosterols

Why black sesame paste?

When just harvested from sesame plants, sesame seeds are embedded in a seed coat, or hull. Generally, it is a bit difficult to eat as it is hard and it tastes bitter. The bitterness comes from the hull. Therefore, people start to prefer to eat sesame seeds without the hull. The seeds are called hulled sesame seeds but the disadvantages are mainly, fewer minerals present and less nutritional. In pursuit of health excellence, various ways are being explored. Bearing in mind of not discarding the hulls of the seeds which contain all the essential nutritional values but also having to consider the hard nutty shell that contains cellulose, which is hardly digestible, a breakthrough was discovered. The special grade Black Sesame Seeds are carefully selected and roasted at a very well and low controlled temperature using the latest state-of-the-art technology. The roasting technique will not temper the high quality of all the essential nutritional contents. The roasted seeds are then ground using a specially innovated grinding machine consisting of food-grade stainless steel grinding mechanism literally generating very low heat while grinding. This is to produce the finest 100% pure black creamy sesame paste. The creamy paste constitutes the ground hulls which contain fiber excellently good for your bowel system and a mixture of thick sesame oil which contains a huge variety of key nutrients our body needs to promote optimal health. This 100% pure creamy black sesame paste is then bottled for you to enjoy. The fragance and the texture of this creamy paste are definitely very appetising and tasty. The paste is very versatile for many food applications. For example, you may use it as a breadspread. You may want to create a twist by using it to dress your salad. It can be used as a sauce for your noodles preparation. You may also want to dip or lace your cut fruits with this creamy paste. You will definitely enjoy this yummy 100% Pure Black Sesame Paste specially created for you.

Benefits of Black Sesame Paste

Black sesame paste containing a lot of fats and proteins, as well as sugars, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium and other nutrients. Can make a variety of delicious food.

Black sesame has dual functions of medicine and food. It has the functions of “supplementing liver and kidney, nourishing five organs, benefiting blood, and intestines dryness” and is considered as a tonic. Black sesame has health benefits. It contains high-quality protein and abundant minerals and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, precious sesamin and melanin.

Nutrition Facts ( per 100g )


There are many causes of hypertension. One of the most important is the high-salt diet. Nutrition experts recommend that the daily intake of salt does not exceed 6 grams per person. However, in real life, the absolute majority of people cannot do it. Therefore, it is recommended that A high-potassium diet is very important because one of the main effects of potassium intake on the body is to promote sodium excretion. Black sesame is rich in potassium, with high potassium per one hundred grams of black sesame, and much less sodium. The ratio of potassium to sodium is close to 40:1, which is very important for controlling blood pressure and maintaining heart health.

There are many calcium supplements on the market. Although the ads say how high the absorption rate is, the actual results may be very different. From a scientific point of view, calcium supplementation is better. Improving calcium supplements in food makes it easy to think of milk and eggs.The calcium content per 100 grams of black sesame is close to 800 mg, and the calcium content per 100 grams of milk is 200. About milligrams, it can be seen that black sesame is the best calcium supplement.

Modern studies have shown that the reduction of melanin secretion from melanocytes in hair follicles is the main cause of grey hair. The reduction in the number of tyrosinase is one of the pathological mechanisms. It was found that black sesame aqueous extract can promote the expression of tyrosinase, melanin. The amount of synthesis is also increased and the white hair can be turned back to dark again.

Current research suggests that reducing the production of free radicals, removing aging metabolites, and increasing antioxidant enzyme activity are currently effective methods for delaying skin aging. Black sesame is rich in natural vitamin E. Its content is highest among plant foods. Vitamin E is a good antioxidant. Appropriate vitamin E supplementation can play a role in skin beauty. In addition, sesame is one of the four major oil crops. Black sesame paste contain unsaturated fatty acids, while linoleic acid accounts for about half. Linoleic acid is an ideal skin cosmetic agent, because when the body is deficient in linoleic acid, it can easily cause dry skin, squamous hypertrophy, growth retardation, and cholesterol deposition in the blood vessels. Therefore, linoleic acid has “creatine” said.a

It can keep the skin soft, delicate and smooth. People with habitual constipation, the toxins that remain in the intestines can harm the human liver and can also cause rough skin. Black sesame can treat constipation and has a moisturizing effect. People who use diet to lose weight will have dry and rough skin due to insufficient intake of nutrients.

It contains substances to prevent the body fat, egg yolk, choline, muscle sugar, so eat more sesame will not gain weight. While dieting to lose weight, rough skin can be improved with the addition of black sesame.

Black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, and vitamin E has a good role in promoting the human reproductive function in addition to having a good anti-oxidant effect. For men, it can increase sperm production and enhance sperm motility. The concentration of sex hormones is increased, so it is also called “tocopherol”. Black sesame is also rich in magnesium, which is very important for men, because magnesium can increase sperm motility and enhance male fertility. Therefore, it is also known as male “health care ingredient.”

In addition, black sesame can also reduce blood fat, anti-arteriosclerosis, antibacterial antiseptic, laxative, protect the liver, remove free radicals, anti-aging and anti-cancer and hypoglycemic effects and other effects.

Black sesame can be anti-aging, per hundred grams of black sesame contains protein 21.9 grams, 61.7 grams of fat, calcium 564 mg, phosphorus 368mg iron 50 mg, also contains sesamin, peanut acid, sesamol, oleic acid, palm acid, stearic acid, sterols, lecithin, vitamin A, B, D, E and other nutrients. It contains such rich nutrients and played an important role in delaying people’s aging and beauty.

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