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Company Name: Heizhima Health Food Center

Location: 10 Ubi Crescent

#06-74 Ubi Techpark, Block D
Singapore 408564
Distribution Outlet: 101, Upper Cross Street
People’s park Centre, #B1-13
Singapore 058357

Description of Business: Processing and marketing of premier quality black
sesame products


Sesame Indulgence

We are health enthusiasts pursuing healthy eating lifestyle and researching healthy food to promote optimal health to our consumers. Over the years, we decided to focus on plant-based seeds or products which has high bioavailability when consumed. One of our careful selection made was to focus on the research into black sesame seeds, an oil seeds believed to have been consumed by mankind over a few thousand years in Asia. It is categorized both as food and medicinal product, indisputably contained a wide range of nutritional values. We studied the growers or producers of the sesame seeds, in particular the black sesame seeds in the entire Asia region for the purpose of selecting the best seeds. The seed selection forms a critical and important process to ensure the best seeds are selected for further processing. The subsequent processes of using the latest state-of-the-art technologies are equally emphasized to ensure that each seed generates the right level of oil yet maintain the naturally found nutrients without compromising on their quality after processing. As such, we assure our products will contribute to the optimal health when consumed daily.

Little Black Roasted Seed, Full Load of Hope

These little black roasted seeds can offer to you a wide range of health benefits when consumed daily. Our body immunity will be greatly enhanced, including improvements to our human major organs such as heart, liver, kidney, brain and blood vessels. As in aesthetical contributions, when you consistently consumed our black sesame products over a period, your hair strength improved drastically including darkening of the hair, better skin tone and texture and has age-defying effect. Indeed, it is known as “Beauty from Within”.

The little black roasted seeds when ground using our latest advanced food grade stainless steel low temperature grinder produces a rich flavour and aroma of creamy paste. The texture of the paste is superbly fine that could titillate your taste buds, craving for more once you try. The paste is extremely versatile in its applications. You can use it alone as bread spread or mixing with our spreads to further enrich its flavour. Or you may use it on vegetable or fruit salads, adding to cereal or soup of your choices.

We are proud to produce the best 100% black sesame paste directly from the roasted seeds without anything added, consisting no flavourings, preservatives and colourings. This is through our great effort and care, both in term of our time and resources in processing every one of our littles black roasted sesame seeds, expecting our 100% black roasted sesame paste to not only let you enjoy the rich flavour and aroma but also lead you to an optimal health when consumed consistently. We are sure that this little black roasted sesame seeds are tiny but packed with a full load of hope.

We start off with this little black roasted sesame seeds turning them into creamy aromatic paste. We will continue to devote our energy into finding new products and applications of this marvellous seeds. We envision to create our black roasted sesame seeds uniquely different from others for you.