Black Sesame PasteWhen just harvested from sesame plants, sesame seeds are embedded in a seed coat, or hull. Generally, it is a bit difficult to eat as it is hard and it tastes bitter. The bitterness comes from the hull. Therefore, people start to prefer to eat sesame seeds without the hull. The seeds are called hulled sesame seeds but the disadvantages are mainly, fewer minerals present and less nutritional. In pursuit of health excellence, various ways are being explored. Bearing in mind of not discarding the hulls of the seeds which contain all the essential nutritional values but also having to consider the hard nutty shell that contains cellulose, which is hardly digestible, a breakthrough was discovered. 

The special grade Black Sesame Seeds are carefully selected and roasted at a very well and low controlled temperature using the latest state-of-the-art technology. The roasting technique will not temper the high quality of all the essential nutritional contents. The roasted seeds are then ground using a specially innovated grinding machine consisting of food-grade stainless steel grinding mechanism literally generating very low heat while grinding. This is to produce the finest 100% pure black creamy sesame paste. The creamy paste constitutes the ground hulls which contain fiber excellently good for your bowel system and a mixture of thick sesame oil which contains a huge variety of key nutrients our body needs to promote optimal health. This 100% pure creamy black sesame paste is then bottled for you to enjoy. The fragrance and the texture of this creamy paste are definitely very appetizing and tasty. The paste is very versatile for many food applications. For example, you may use it as a bread spread. You may want to create a twist by using it to dress your salad. It can be used as a sauce for your noodles preparation. You may also want to dip or lace your cut fruits with this creamy paste. You will definitely enjoy this yummy 100% Pure Black Sesame Paste specially created for you.

Major Minerals in Black sesame.

Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and calcium. A 1/4 cup serving of provides 126 mg of magnesium, or 32 percent of the Recommended Daily Value (DV), and 351 mg of calcium (35 percent of the DV). That’s slightly more than you find in a cup of milk, however, the calcium is located in the hull of the seeds, so hulled versions offer much less calcium.

Magnesium and calcium are important essential minerals that help regulate blood pressure, reduce the likelihood of developing tension and migraine headaches (triggered by blood vessel spasms), reduce the occurrence of airway spasms in asthmatics and regulate sleep patterns, especially in women suffering from menopause-induced sleep disturbances.

Essential Trace Minerals in Black Sesame

A 1/4 cup serving of black sesame seeds provides almost 1.5 milligrams (mg), or 74 percent of the DV, for the trace mineral copper, and 2.8 mg (about 19 percent of the DV) for zinc. These minerals are needed in very small quantities but are essential for human health. Copper plays a role in the anti-inflammatory process which is beneficial for reducing some of the swelling and pain characteristics of inflammatory diseases. Copper also is needed to activate an enzyme necessary for building collagen and elastin, which provide structure and elasticity to bones and joints.

Low dietary intakes of the trace mineral zinc (low circulating levels in the bloodstream) are associated with a depressed immune system as well as loss of bone and decreased the bone density of the hip and spine. Consuming zinc-rich foods, such as black sesame seeds, reduces the risk of suffering from bone fractures caused by reduced bone density (common among the elderly) or osteoporosis. Optimal zinc intake may reduce the frequency and length of the common cold because it keeps the immune system healthy.

Cholesterol Fighters

Black sesame seeds help lower serum cholesterol levels (which contributes to cardiovascular health) in several ways. They contain two unique substances known as sesamin and sesamolin. These substances belong to a group of fibers called lignans (flax seeds are another rich source of lignans). Lignans are rich in dietary fiber and have a cholesterol-lowering effect.

Black sesame seeds are rich in phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant compounds very similar in structure (chemical) to cholesterol. Consuming more dietary phytosterols not only decreases blood cholesterol levels but reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer. Sesame seeds offer the highest phytosterol content (400 to 413 mg per 100 grams or 3.5 ounces) of all nuts and seeds.


Sesame Ginger Paste

Sesame Oil Ginger Paste is a very enviable product by many, being professionally blended by Heizhima Health Food Centre. It is the condiment paste to be fully enjoyed by all. It is the uniqueness of the black sesame oil extracted using the latest state-of-art technology low temperature extraction process to ensure an optimal nutrients retention and yet create the most natural aromatic property of the black sesame seeds stands out among others. The black sesame oil, together with a variety of quality spices, are being carefully blended with the best premium quality, pure and fresh Zingiber Officinale (commonly known as ginger) to produce the ever-best rated kitchen companion, helping you preparing your everyday food preparations and meals with convenient. Most importantly, titillating your taste bud to the fullest, seeking for more.

Black sesame oil is well known and recognised as a traditional Asian health herb with medicinal values, providing a varieties of nutrients our body need in promoting optimal health. The essence of this paste has been enhanced with the added ginger as one of the main components of the contents. Ginger too has many nutrients and also being used as a traditional medicine, but it is known and recorded in scientific research papers that it consists of bio active component known as Gingerol, which is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.