I am Esther Xing from Holland Green. I have taken Black Sesame Paste for sometimes. I found that my body became warmer seldom fall sick. Later, I realized that bacteria and viruses even cancer cells do not like to stay in the warmer body. I am not scared of cold.

After taking Black Sesame Paste for 5 months I realized that I have very little grey hair. Before that, I need to dye hair at least once a month. My skin became more gentle with elasticity!

It is fantastic and miracle! Difficult to believe it if not experienced it myself!

我是邢美英。我食用黑芝麻酱已经一段时间了,我发觉体温稍微提高,比较不怕冷也不容易生病。原来细菌与病毒并不喜欢居住在较热的体温,所以身体比较不容易生病。同时,我也发觉到头发比较慢白。原本一个月染黑一次的头发,吃了黑芝麻酱后,好几个月后,头额两边才稍有一些白发,而且,头发也较浓密了。 好神奇哦!!!

如果不是自己经历过,真不敢相信 !
Black Sesame Paste
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Black Sesame Paste